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Fertility Massage

The definition of a fertility massage varies from practitioner to practitioner. But it generally includes a few similar techniques.

A fertility massage can include a deep tissue massage of the abdomen intended to increase circulation, which is thought by some practitioners to boost fertility. It can also include the use of certain acupressure points around the feet, especially the inner and outer ankles, which correspond to the uterus, ovaries and other reproductive organs. These are used in a form of foot massage called reflexology. Regular relaxation techniques similar to those used in a normal massage, like shoulder and neck rubs, can also be incorporated into a fertility massage.

Can a fertility massage help you get pregnant?

Probably not. There is no research to show that massage in general, or fertility massages specifically, can directly affect fertility and increase the chance of getting pregnant.

But massage, like yoga and meditation, may help reduce stress. Some studies have found that massage decreases levels of cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) in the body and increases serotonin and dopamine, which are thought to contribute to well-being and improved mood.