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Fertility Cleansing

What Is a Fertility Cleanse?

Fertility cleansing has begun to rise in popularity in recent years as a natural fertility treatment. Using special herbs, these cleanses are regularly administered by naturopaths and offered online as fertility cleansing kits. Their purpose? Flush out the heavy metals, toxins, and inflammation that have accumulated in the body—factors that may lead to infertility.

"These toxins are basically just sitting in our fat cells where they can be released very easily when we detoxify," says Dr. Sangiuliano. She administers a two-fold cleanse to her patients that focuses on cleaning the liver and uterus. Her fertility cleanse consists of orally administering specific herbs that detoxify the body and promote healthy physical function, leaving women and men with a healthy, happy body that is prepared for conception.

Why Do a Fertility Cleanse?

For women who are struggling with infertility, cleansing can be important for ensuring that their bodily systems are completely ready to conceive. "After we detoxify, we get pregnant faster because of egg quality and the environment of our womb is much healthier for conception," says Dr. Sangiuliano, who regularly administers fertility cleanses to her patients. This is especially important to consider for patients whose infertility causes are unknown.

Fertility cleansing not only gives women the perfect "blank slate" for conceiving, but can also improve the quality of her pregnancy in general. "We need to make sure that our eggs and our sperm are the best quality possible before conception takes place, because if you're conceiving with eggs that are poor quality, you're increasing the risks of miscarriage, childhood leukemia, autism, ADD, and diabetes,"